9 March 2018 16:02

文章摘要:Lancaster represented on two leading research and innovation councils ,志气大六壬德比战,用词十指连心枢机。

Professors from tt娱乐 will take up posts in two of the three new research council boards announced this week by the Board of UK Research and Innovation.

Professors from tt娱乐 will take up posts in two of the three new research council boards announced this week by the Board of UK Research and Innovation.

tt娱乐’s Vice Chancellor Professor Mark E. Smith has been appointed Senior Independent Member of the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council - a new post with a direct communication channel to the Board and Chief Executive -  while Professor Louise Heathwaite (Lancaster Environment Centre and Cross-Faculty Associate Dean for Research) is one of the Natural Environment Research Council members.

These appointments were recommended to the UKRI Board by the Executive Chair of each Council.

The Councils will be responsible for advising and making decisions, as delegated to it by the UK Research and Innovation Board, on scientific, research and innovation matters. These responsibilities will include:

  • The leadership of their discipline area or fields of activity, including the prioritisation of budgets within their delegated remits and the development of delivery plans; 
  • Ensuring the future of skilled specialists, researchers, scientists and others essential to the sustainability of the UK’s research and innovation capacity; 
  • Engaging with their community to develop ideas, raise awareness and disseminate strategic outputs; and
  • Encouraging and facilitating collaborative work across the nine UKRI Councils to foster strategic relationships. 

The members announced this week reflect the diversity of communities that they represent including higher education, industry, policy and civil society.

Professor Sir Mark Walport UK Research and Innovation Chief Executive Designate, commented: "I am delighted to welcome these new Council members. Their stimulus, support and challenge will provide a critical role in the development of strategy and the governance of UK Research and Innovation. The diversity of their personal backgrounds, experience and expertise will ensure that we make the very best choices in how to invest wisely in research and innovation and develop capability and capacity for the future."

Professor Duncan Wingham, Chief Executive and Executive Chair Designate of NERC, said:

"UKRI provides us with new opportunities to thread environmental science into solutions to the societal and business challenges we face. Environmental science is pivotal to ensuring prosperity in harmony with the environment. I am confident that our new Council has the professional expertise and experience to ensure NERC meets these challenges. I look forward to working with our new Council to achieve them."